Waste management

We provide the best solution in waste management. We perform
a comprehensive management plan so that you do not have
to worry about anything.

Due to this, we help to give a second life to all that
paper, cardboard, plastics and other recoverable waste that is
generated as a result of the activity of your company.

Waste management program

We carry out a waste management program that allows us to
classify, remove and process the waste generated
by your business, whatever your sector.

Minimize the environmental
impact of your
business, can we help you?

Thanks to a waste management program, you will be able to reduce the environmental impact of your activity to a minimum, while promoting sustainability and performance in your operations.

The Papers Catalunya team can advise you so that the waste generated by your business is managed in the most efficient way.

What does the waste management

program include?

Our waste management
program is a comprehensive procedure
that includes:

Identification of waste and volumes

Storage equipment

Collection and transport

Classification and waste packaging


Waste identification and volumes

We will study the waste periodic production produced by your business to generate an adequate and personalized collection plan for your company.

We will use the equipment that best suits your needs, so that the work is as fast and efficient as possible.

Storage equipment

We help your company in waste management. We have all kinds of equipment to make waste management such as paper, cardboard and plastic as easy as possible. Thanks to this, your team will not have to worry about anything: they just have to deposit it in the right place and we will take care of collecting, processing and giving it a new use.

Pick up and transport

We take it with us. The Papers Catalunya team is in charge of the collection and removal of the paper, cardboard and plastic waste that you generate, regardless of its volume.

We remove your waste, we take care of everything.

We offer a waste collection service to companies who want to manage their waste responsibly and sustainably.

Waste sorting and packaging

Once the waste arrives at our facilities, we carry out separation and classification tasks for the waste that could not have been classified at source. This classification allows us to recover the highest percentage of recoverable waste possible, making this process a fundamental part of our value chain.

Once the waste has been classified according to its properties, we proceed to the packaging of these materials to adapt them to the specifications of the manufacturers.


Finally, after a few weeks, we study the data obtained to evaluate the performance of the process and see if the expected results have been obtained.
In case you need a more personalized service, we can adapt to your needs.